Will Biker Gang Beating Victim in NYC Face Charges?

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I’m sure you’ve heard by now of the family that was bullied and beaten (father) in NYC on a normal Sunday afternoon by a group of motorcyclists.

Police say they were part of a pack of motorcyclists who chased a young family for miles along a New York City highway. It all started with the bikers swarming the family’s Range Rover, then one motorcycle suddenly cuts off the SUV, causing a collision. Next, the rest of the cyclists come to a complete stop on the highway, blocking the SUV’s path. When some of the bikers start to attack the range rover, the range rover takes off, bouncing over at least one other motorcycle. The cyclists give chase, forcing the SUV to stop near the George Washington Bridge. That is one cyclist rips off the SUV’s door, forcing the driver to flee again. The chase finally ends with the SUV pulls off the highway and gets stuck in city traffic.

The video then shows the bikers using their helmets to smash the driver’s window. Police say the bikers then pulled the driver from the SUV and brutally beat him. This all happened right in front of his wife and two-year old daughter. The driver suffered minor injuries, and right now he is not facing any charges. But tonight the biker who first cut off the SUV is under arrest. The biker who attacked the driver is also reported in custody, and police are still trying to track down more suspects.

What do you think should happen?


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