‘What’s Your Excuse?’: Fit Mom’s Post on Facebook Goes Viral!

Like anyone that posts on Facebook or any social media site you know that once its out there it can’t be taken back. Well, Maria Kang, a 32-year-old lmother of three and fitness competitor posted a photo of herself in her workout bra and shorts with her three kids showing off her toned body with a caption, “What’s your excuse?” However, rather than seeing it as motivational, many Facebook users lashed out at Kang.

Kang’s photo has gone viral by now and some of the comments found many of the negative variety, including other Facebook users calling her obnoxious, fake, a bad mother, and a bully, although many other Facebook users rallied to her defense, as well.

Kang responded to the reactions to her photo by posting a “frequently asked comments” page in which she addresses the most common criticisms, She also added what she called a “non-apology” to her Facebook post.

Have you ever posted something on Facebook that has been misinterpreted?


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