Welcome to Test Kits At Home! We offer a wide variety of home and workplace test kits like CLIA-waived urine drug testing kits, steriod use testing, home testing kits for hormones and minerals and prostate cancer (PSA Tests), home fertility tests (male sperm count tests or ovulation tests), pregnancy tests, DOT-Approved alcohol testing kits, environmental tests, alcohol digital detectors, and now physician’s offices testing kits!

Why buy from Test Kits At Home, LLC?

  • Fast, Simple & Reliable
  • Excellent Quality – FDA Approved or CLIA Waived on most testing kits
  • Low Prices – lower than most retail stores or drug stores
  • Quick Shipping – Turnaround time is usually same day
  • In Stock – most items are in stock 99% of the time
  • Discounts – for larger orders we offer competitive pricing
  • Big Selection – we have a large selection of reputable products
  • Great Staff – excellent customer support here to help you in any way

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